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Welcome to Istituto Nobile Aviation College!

Build your future for success

We provide an innovative curriculum, in the technical area of Transport & Logistics, designed to prepare our students for a brilliant future.

Istituto Nobile Aviation College’s personalized learning experience combines academic skills with the market demands, giving students the tools to tackle modern and future challenges. Lessons are taught by professionals with considerable experience in the aviation field.

There is a constant endeavor to help students grow personally, socially, and globally, and become professionals with the following features:

  • Communication and technical skills;
  • Familiarity with new digital technologies;
  • Knowledge of the main aeronautical topics;
  • Familiarity with technological systems;
  • Certification for English language, European Informatics Passport, aviation licences and certifications;
  • Ability to deal with any kind of situation, using a multidisciplinary and international approach.

The five-year course is divided into three phases: first two-year period, second two-year period, and fifth year.

NUMBER OF WEEKLY HOURS PER SUBJECT First biennium Second biennium Fifth year
Italian Language and Literature 4 4 3 3 4
History 2 2 2 2 2
Geography 1 - - - -
English Language - Cambridge Examinations 3 3 3 3 3
Mathematics 4 4 3 3 3
Law and Economics 2 2 2 2 2
Earth Sciences and Biology 2 2 - - -
Physical Education and Sports 2 2 2 2 2
Religion (Catholicism)/Alternative activities-Cambridge Certificates 1 1 1 1 1
Physics 3 3 - - -
Chemistry 2 3 - - -
Graphical Communication 3 2 - - -
Computer Science 2 2 - - -
Science and Applied Technologies 2 2 - - -
Complements of Mathematics - - 1 1 -
Logistics - - 2 2 -
Electronics, Electrotechnology and Automation - - 3 3 3
Navigation Sciences - - 4 4 6
Aeronautical/Aviation Communications - - 2 2 2
Meteorology - - 1 1 1
Mechanics and Machines - - 3 3 3

 Basic subjects

First biennium subjects

 Second biennium and last year subjects

Subject is partly held in English. First year students: Prior language knowledge is not necessary for attendance.

Istituto Nobile Middle School is an accredited centre for Cambridge International Examinations, where you can learn English with the same high-quality standards.

Istituto Nobile Middle School is an EIPASS accredited centre, where young students can get the EIPASS certificate (EIPASS 7 Modules).

From the first year, students carry out laboratory activities, and receive training on both basic, and advanced flight simulators.

From the first year, students carry out practical training on aircrafts, in training centers in Italy.

Continuous assistance throughout the five-year course

A guarantee of quality: professional training and consistent monitoring throughout the course.

Applied sciences and technologies

This subject is taught to first-year students, in order to bring them into contact with the main themes related to aeronautics, thus strengthening their career choice and motivations.

Navigation Sciences

Subject implemented (with regards to the Italian curriculum) divided into three areas: Air Navigation, Air Traffic, Aeronautical Meteorology.

Information Technologies

Gaining the European Informatics Passport (EIPASS) certification is expected in the first two years of study. For transferring students: certification can be obtained during the five years of study.

Professional Flight Simulator

Istituto Nobile Aviation College offers specialized training and cutting-edge technology.

From theory to practice

The three headquarters offices (Rome, Reggio Emilia, and Fagagna) are all equipped with a laboratory with many flight simulator workstations, that are interconnected and in communication with the control tower.
Each workstation replicates the main flight controls for realistic manoeuvres, and allows students to pilot a plane realistically, from the start of the engine to the landing: Students have total control of the complete operation: cockpit preparation, engine start, take off, navigation, landing, and engine shutdown.
The online connection allows them to manage multiple flights, and conduct all the operations with real weather conditions. In this way, the exercises are more realistic, the training is efficient, and students can engage directly with the following aspects:

  • Flight operation
  • Flight planning
  • Aviation radio communication, both in English and Italian
  • Flight management (from the take off to the landing, in any weather conditions).

Professionals or enthusiasts can participate in the training sessions too.

Flight Simulator B 737NG.

Students attending our Institute in Rome can use the BOEING 737NG simulator for training, useful to earn their pilot licenses.

Licences and Certificates

From the 11th grade, students can follow a training path which leads to the achievement of pilot licences and certificates. They can earn the Commercial Pilot Licence-CPL (optional, during the educational cycle) or the Airline Transport Pilot Licence-ATPL.

From 9th grade to the cockpit!

Students who choose Istituto Nobile Aviation College start a personalized and continuous learning process, full of privileges and benefits:

  • Thanks to its own training centers, in Italy and abroad, the Institute guarantees a complete education, without having to rely on agreements or conventions with externals;
  • Students and their families can count on the constant support of a well-known and appreciated, qualified personnel;
  • From the 11th grade, students can follow programs for the achievement of pilot licenses and certificates;
  • The program gives the opportunity of pursuing training in the US (Florida training center), and Spain (Malaga training center), where everything has been focused on students, so that they can concentrate in the theory and practice;
  • The path is designed to combine academic goals with the training, so as to maximize time and results.
…and much more!

An international school: English courses, European Informatics Passport, Dual Diploma Program (Italy-U.S.).

Istituto Nobile Aviation College Percorso Bilingue

Bilingual Education

The bilingual education program provides 40% of classroom hours in English. Our goal is to meet the high quality standards of the English language, requested by the labour market and the academic world.

Istituto Nobile A Aviation College Doppio Diploma

Dual Diploma Program (Italy-U.S.)

Our students have the opportunity to earn both diplomas (Italian High School and American High School), simultaneously.

Istituto Nobile A Aviation College EIPASS

European Informatics Passport, EIPASS

Istituto Nobile Middle School is an EIPASS accredited centre, where students can earn the EIPASS certificate (EIPASS 7 Modules).

Istituto Nobile A Aviation College Summer School Valencia College

Summer School Valencia College

Summer School Valencia College is the best solution for students seeking the right balance between study and relax, as they can have advanced English courses with certified mother-tongue teachers.

Istituto Nobile A Aviation College Summer Training

Summer Training

Students choosing our training centers in Florida (U.S.) and Malaga (Spain) can feel truly at home, and also part of the training system, as it has been designed to meet their needs. Students, teachers and families stay constantly connected to promote the best learning experience.

Istituto Nobile Aviation College Alternanza Scuola Lavoro

Work-Study Program

This exclusive project values students’ personal vocations, interests, and learning styles. Education and training activities are focused on three areas: control tower, maintenance, and logistics.

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